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Geiles Spiel

Hammer geil


Gutes spiel

Great game

I love it

Dear Kabam

Dear Kabam, this game is GAY AF

I like it


Best game

Great game, I love it !

Geilstes spiel ever


Good ole fun

Great fun






Too bad for such a nice game


Hey can you do something where you can gift iso8 and gold and stuff like that because doing that will be more helpful than just gifting units From account Awsome player! Thanks if you do it I will be grateful if want to know why I want to gift is to help my dad. Dads account is Manny Fresh805.


I think this is the best game in in the world I wish I can get a three star venom And a carnage

Yeah baby!

It’s awesome baby😜 non-sop action. Love playing on team and kicking arse. Tough to power up advanced champs. I play a lot and still tough but it is easy enough in the beginning and middle skill levels. It’s good fun.


I liked the social part of it to no end and think more games need a social part but the censor is plain ridiculous I censors more good then bad

Gameplay keeps freezing

Game is constantly lagging, and it constantly says connect to wifi, my wifi is just fine

Your friendly neighborhood...

I love the game and spider-man :) pew pew

Awesome game

This game is awesome

It's not fair

I spent so many hours to fight and earned crystal but I always get 2star heroes. My interesting in hasn't is fading and get boring.


I am really hooked into marvel comics and movies and I also really like this game


Don’t believe all the fake 5 star reviews most of them are planted by the game developers. I know this because I was told this by an ex employee that used to work on this game. The game is completely rigged with intentional lag on certain parts of it. Basic gameplay mechanics don’t work correctly like moving backwards. There is an obvious delay from when you press block and when your guy actually blocks it’s ridiculous. This game has been extremely laggy for years now and they never fix it because they want to get money out of you. Customer support is HORRIBLE. This game basically stole $50 from me when I bought a unit pack and never received the units. I tried contacting customer support and by the response it was obvious they either didn’t bother to read the ticket or they just can’t read. This game is full of empty promises that they never come through on. If you want to play this game that’s on you but don’t get invested in it and give them any money you’ll just end up feeling ripped off.


Every time quake is used there’s a ban. Submitted a ticket and is told to piss off. Love the game but I just don’t understand why I can’t use my best character without being banned.

Fun game, but current version is bloated

Rocking an iPhone SE with iOS 12. Latest update has screen loading times that are insanely long compared to how this game used to play. Can’t even tell if the game is working or not half the time. Just have to sit there and watch the spinny wheel of doom for a small eternity and pray that it’s actually going to load and not time out again. Pro tip: Get up and do something else while you wait for the game to load. Master tip: Don’t waste your precious time/life on games like this that are extensively designed to be addictive/habit forming and make you grind endlessly to reach frustratingly minor goals. Edit: The loading problem seems to be fixed, so +1 star. I’m still bitter about preying upon vulnerabilities in the human psyche as a means to profit, but alas, such is life. No one is forcing you to play.

Like it a lot

I really like this game. It has loads of fun packed in the game but for some reason every time I open a premium hero crystal (I’ve opened at least 10 of them) I always get a two star hero and it is alway right next to a three star hero. It annoys me when that happens. So please bring up the chances to get a three star.😀😀😀😀🙂🙂🙂

Expert Daily dungeons

I like the game a lot but I honestly feel like like the bosses in the expert daily dungeons need a nerf because almost every special they use is unblockable and almost always make you stunned somehow other then that the game is good.


I will never spend another Penny on this game. You guys are really cheap with the rewards too. Gold and Battle chips for AQ?? We get that in Arenas.... 🙄 You are still giving us 2* Hero’s. Every login Crystal, I always get the lowest prize. All of the hard work and hours put into Quests, only to get “Shards” or “Fragments”.... So cheap. Then ask us if we want to spend $10, $20, $50 or even $100 on some rank up stuff. Nope. You will never get a penny from me. Ban my account. Don’t care. This game is going downhill. #Mudslide have a nice day. Thank you for reading.

Greedy company.

Been playing for years and this is the greediest company ever. Predatory

Pay to Play

Don’t download this game. It’s not worth it. You’ll think it’ll be fun to play with characters you like, but in reality you’ll never get them. Only people who spend a lot of money actually get good champs, if you want to just enjoy a free game this is not the one. You’ll never pull anything from the crystals that you’re happy about. They only give good “random” rewards to people with YouTube channels and deep pockets.


I was amazing I had a full level spider man and a iron man and vision and had just defeated Venompool when I thought “ Hey Venompool looks cool I wanna look that up” but I did and he was interesting but when I went back to the game ALL MY DATA WAS GONE I was Septic StacheYT if you can look that up in the servers and help me restore my account that would be great then I would give five stars. P.S. It won’t let me choose a different profile when I start the game and it’s annoying. Please fix it.

Each update makes this game worse

Used to be a good game, but now it is garbage. Spent time and money acquiring the best champions only to have them scaled back and weakened compared to newer champs. Tired of having the rug pulled out from under me.

Super game

Tv and fun

I like it but this

So I got the game and I like Spiderman and my dad bought me the Spiderman stark enchanted suit bundle and later on it wasn’t there anymore


Great choices great characters great graphics

This game is stupid

I spent two years playing this game and I liked it. Until I kept getting bad 5 stars and my first 6 star was the the worst. Also I kept getting ban over and over again for no reason and why can’t they explain to you why you got ban. Kabam doesn’t care if you quit. Unless you spend money on the game. They only care about money not about the players. The offers in the game are so bad it’s like 100 dollars for 20 revives and some potions. I hate this stupid game I’m done.

Worst game ever I’m kidding I love it



Best game ever👌👌👌👌


This is one of the best mobile fighting games I’ve ever played and on top of that I can play as all my favorite characters from the marvel universe this game is simply amazing

This Is Stupid

One day I am at the top the next I restart I hate this game.😭😭😭😭😭Also please PLEASE give me back my old progress PLEASE!!!!!!


Best game yet, i love everything about it

Controller doesn't work

After 3 years I'm ready to quit if they don't fix the controls! This game can be fun and I don't have a problem with anything else. You don't have to spend money but it takes time to get champs leveled up. The more you practice the better you get but when you can't move your champs the way you want to it gets 1* rating!!! The connection on Kabams side is my best guess. Controls don’t work worth a darn,horrible !!


Be weary of spending money they thro bugs in the game to get you to spend real money. Biggest scam game out there!


Great fun

Beast game

It’s so much funnn!!!

This game is great but

This game is full of not tryhards just looking at real players saying to them self’s I wish I can be like them but they can’t because they are sad little computers that are so boring and do nothing but be annoying to REAL gamers not dumb bots

Marvel champions,what I think

I think the game is really fun it’s the best game I have ever also has Carnage and that’s AMAZING

COC Review

Excellent , challenging game with new downloads monthly . Definitely a 10 out of 10 in my book .


Ahaha she

Koyayım yaptığınız oyuna

Adam gibi bir oyun yapamadınız zaman kaybın sadece ama mecburen oynuyoruz hero yükseltmek için illaki hile kullanın diye zorluyorsunuz milleti

Great game

👍good game

Cash grab

How much money do I have to put into the game to get a decent character? I’ve been playing this game for 2+ years and haven’t gotten anything, maybe it’s my luck but as soon as I get a 4* y’all bring out the 5* and then the 6* I’ve had better pulls on marvel puzzle quest I’m tired of 2* hulks and 2* juggernauts lol delete. Don’t waste your time playing this game if you want your marvel fix go play puzzle quest or future fight


You have to put a lot of money in it if you want to get anywhere

Developers constantly fighting against you

This game has been around for awhile and has had it’s fair share of updates that have caused players to ban together to protest, boycott, and downright quit the game. The upcoming change to Alliance Wars season 5 has once again shocked and upset everyone. The most common debuff in the game (the ability for a character to inflict a bleed debuff) and what many characters rely on to make them stand out is being removed entirely from being able to be used in Alliance Wars. Not only is this a game-breaking change that once again cripples the communities trust in the developer, but it makes useless many of the characters that players have put huge investments in (either time based or money based.) The developers have in the past offered different forms of responses, always alienating their customers with more insults to injury rather then trying to listen to the community. Don’t waste your time on this game. What you may spend years to acquire can change with little to no to explanation.

Wasted potential

Fun(ish) overall, but very lazy. All characters have the same basic combos, with some lazy special attacks. Same win poses. Terrible voices, or grunts, from each character. There is no identifying quality for any character. Game is also filled with tons of micro-transactions and waiting to recharge fighters, unless you want to waste your money skipping that. Easy cash grab from the company and an insult to consumers.

The worst idea that anyone has ever had in the history of the world.

This game is stupid every thing in this game is stuped I have tried and tried and tried but it will take years to get a good team. nobody should by this game because it is the stupidest thing that I have ever played.

Game above all games

This is the best game I have ever played. It has so many characters from the Marvel U to play with. I love how you can improve them and then test them in so many different ways. It’s like developing your own league of superheroes on a daily basis.

The Best Game

This is one of the best games i’ve ever played. If you can add more characters that would be awesome

Its good but needs better crystal giving

I say this because I had 153 units in this game and bought a crystal only to get something worthless. I like the game but otherwise horrible crystal giving.👍/👎

Good Game But Beware

Awesome game, graphics, champions and moves!! The only thing wrong with this game is its addictive!! Can’t see playing anything else!!

I love this game

When i started it was so addictive

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