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Ok But Could Be Better

Enough Said


Très bon baille



Like it

A grinder, but fun

Fun game

Fun game

So fan!

Amazing Game:)




Good game

Good game

5 stars !


Good Game!!!!

Good game

Its like marvel injustice but marvel is better

Fun Game

Still learning how things work but Im having a good time doing it.

This game crap

Don’t get this game because if there’s an event you either won’t beat it or it’s rigged

Awesome game

Awesome game if you enjoy Marvel Superhero's. It's a game that you have to grind out to get good stuff. Also best bet is to join a clan and have them help you rank up. It will be slow at first but once you start leveling up that's when it's gets better. It's definitely worth trying out. The support team is difficult to deal with. If you ever have to hit the support team good luck with getting any resolved. They will just say the samething over and over and at times it seems like they don’t even read your message to them. One of their members gave me instructions to force close the game if the game is having connection/connectivity issues for a android device. I’m a Apple user. In the ticket it asks you what device your using. Smh crazy.

Great Game

I like this game because it's fun for kids to play and fantastic for heroes and villains.



Frustrating & getting worst day by day

Used to be the best game in my collection But guess what its getting so painful....only by dealing with day to day bugs, crashes, content missing, feels like they just don't care about the money spent on this game by players and probably the most rude staff ever seen.... ZERO customer service .... no reimbursement for items lost in game .... they got no clue how to fix issues for 2 to 3 days..... JUST SO KNOW KABAM PEOPLE SPEND THEIR REAL HARD EARNED MONEY..... and because of that spending you get the income generated ..... better treat them right......

The best game

I love this game it has so many characters and details and much more things into this game

Put me in a match with as person who’s definitely go to kill me.

You keep putting me in matches with people who will 99% of the time win. Seems fair doesn’t it? It’s not like I can kill anyone. Do you really expect me to win against someone with a extremely overpowered rate or whatever it’s called the thing below every champion. It’s like you’ll put me up against anyone.

Iron man

You should be able to start with iron man

Making me sign in every time I login

The drop rate is really bad in this game. Other people around me continue to get way better pulls than I do. However it is a fun game. The main issue I am having is that I signed up to help with a beta but anytime I check a text message or look at another app for more than 10 seconds the game logs me out. Then when I go to log back in I have to enter my email and password. Please fix this ASAP.

Doesn’t work.

I have a brand new iPhone 8, I have had this game before and it just says, “failed to connect” every time I try to open the game. I assume that even if I were able to play, it wouldn’t have any of my progress saved.

Best of the best

The most addictive game I’ve ever played! I could go on and on all day about this game, instead I’ll just tell you to play it!


Don’t Waste of my time and energy

More characters

Hey marvel contest of champions I wish ya could make iron spider and thanos from avengers infinity war and if ya could make some new editions of spider man hulkbuster and more just plz make more people


The only issue is the lag, but there’s not much of it. Ps I was some what far away from the internet box, so that could be the issue.

Premium crystal

It would be better if the premium crystal stopped when it is supposed to instead of going forward or stopping early on about every third crystal

Mixed feeling about this

I love the gameplay but I feel like they should give more crystals for the free price or earn them because i Love Deadpool but the only way to get is to pay a lot of the rare in game money or pay 5.99 to get him I feel like I should be able to earn him

This games awesome

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood gammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Pretty good, but one problem

The fighting is pretty good bit, THIS GAME IS WAY TOO PAY 2 WIN. You can’t get any good characters without paying.

Terrible matching

Are you serious with these matchups. We are in a war right now and the boss is over 14k our highest guy is 1600 what a joke


This game has small problems but over all it’s great

Drop rate buff

I really enjoy this game and put a lot of time into it, trying to 100% explore and do arenas and everything on the side keeps me occupied, and I understand that the company need money and the enticed feeling people get to buy crystals, but the 1 reason I don’t give a five star is that the drop rates are almost laughable, I think that from premiums and other crystals like it should have at least a 5 % chance of a 4 star, 28% for three stars, and 67% for two stars, to get more powerful characters out of the limited amount of crystals I’m able to earn at the tier I’m at would be great, and very helpful for myself and my alliance, please, if this ever gets read, take into consideration buffing the drop rates

Greatest Game Ever. GGE

Best game ever it’s amazing !! 📱👌😱

I can’t do anything

When ever I open a crystal I get a 2 star and all I want is a 3 star or higher Deadpool and I wasted all of those stamina points just to get a 2 star cyclops and cyclops is my least favorite and when I open any other crystals I get a 2 star. So if you want to help me out my username is log~27! OK!


The game is really fun and not a lot of ads I appreciate the game

Line app

Game is awesome, but it would be nice if you can create a line app within the game. Also, to have once a month unlimited energy charge for 24 hours versus limited to 70 and wait. But all in all game is addictive and fun




After playing this game for over 3 years Everyday, I decided to turn the volume on. It is hard to believe why the music is still the same and needs to change with the game each month. Music is what brings anything out to want more. Your staff isn’t thinking the overall picture are they?



Completely Unfair

Domino is a completely unfair champion that prox critical mass even when the trigger effect has been triggered.. doesn’t work as described and is very very very annoying to fight.. The assassin assignments and merc missions are long and tedious for just 1.5% of a five star crystal..This months assignments and dealing with domino are really makkng me not want to play anymore.. alliance war rewards still havnt been updated, there is still and gold and Tier 4 class catalyst shortage and seems like this game caters to the TOP PLAYERS ONLY..They should be put into a separate rank of players because thee unfair advantage You guys need to also update all of the old characters because every month they come out with more and more OVERPOWERED characters and leave the old one useless This game also has way to many glitches for example dropping blocks in the middle of combos witch leads to you dying..Also NOBODY likes losing fights in a single combo of 5 or less with max 4* champs and R4 5*s champs..I feel like my 3 years of playing this game is constantly digressing with each update STOP CATERING TO THE TOP 10% so much PLEASE!!!!.its ruining the game


This is a great game for the first few months but it gets pretty old. The story mode doesn’t really have a plot, it’s just some people talking in the background while you fight the same 20 champions with slightly increasing strength. Also once you get halfway into act 2 it becomes impossible to advance any further, and also there is no way to get 5 star champions without spending money I will probably get future fight ( I hope it has an actual story mode) but if you just want something to keep you entertained during summer vacation this is a great game for you

Lost all my champions

And I don’t know how to contact support please help Kabam

New champ?

I thin you should add Negasonicteenagewarhead

Too Much Lag

After the most recent update, the game lags way too much. Playing on an iPhone X.


It boring to fight the same character


It would be nice if we could sell back 6 star champs to recover half of the shards. It's a long wait for a junk champ. I was so bummed I decided to stop playing.

Marvel fighting game

Add all of the marvel 2099 characters and all of the versions of carnage’s and I am a big fan of 2099 characters and carnage so please add these new characters!!

Quite impressive

Fun game. Intriguing story. Though it takes plenty of grind. The constant duplicates aren’t the worst, but they are annoying after a while. The crystal shard crystal shouldn’t be a limited time offer in my opinion. I might even spend money on the game if it were permanent.


It is the best game ever.


I love this game. And it’s made very well!

Do not invest in this game

Do not spend money or time investing in any champion b/c the developers will nerf that champ silently and what I mean by this they will say the champion is working like he or she should then a few months later say the champion always had a bug so we fixed him. No compensation for your time money that you invest in a champion and then this leaves your roster gimped b/c you don’t have the resources to have 12 great champions. I personally don’t not invest in this and I barely play. Very frustrating w/ the nerfs of champions, class relationships B.S. and new 6 star champions that you cannot even rank up.

Frequent crashes no accountability.

Game is pricey if you want to play at a high level. Game will crash and cost you units at various times and kabam will do nothing for you. In the latest they have terms of service that are written but they can capriciously penalize you for violating the “spirit” of the game. Stay away. Game won’t last much longer.



Awesome good game for kids but runs a little slow and fun to play other super hero’s



In life there are no winners and losers only champions!!!

Perfect for me!

It is an excellent game. I updated the rate, since the Kabam team response was fast and they solved my problem quickly. A+

Real fun

A fun game I play on long car rides surprisingly I got two two star hero’s and I just started playing they are superior iron man and a wolverine I think


All kabam is now with this game is making players pay more money to enjoy. They’ve made it so if you don’t spend TONS OF TIME and A LOT of MONEY you will not enjoy your experience playing this game. Kabam makes it a circus just to contact them with issues (example- if you didn’t receive your items you paid for)And if you are unhappy with the game play you must go to their forum where of course it gets lost and they have no reason to personal reach out to the unsatisfied gamer. This game is NOT WORTH YOUR TIME OR MONEY! FYI I’ve been playing it for over 3 years. Signed, Done Don’t let the rating fool you.

Money grab

Stay away.....stay FAR away. In fact, go play a game that will make you want to quit playing altogether. Expedite what this game has done to many of it’s long term player base. Go.....enjoy real life....and spend your time and money on far more beneficial things. #yourewelcome

Marvel is amazing so is this game

This game is so amazing because he gets a fight is your favorite Marvel characters I missed so many superheroes you could be like Iron man a cyclops even Spiderman

Avengers is the best

This game is so much fun

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