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Ok But Could Be Better

Enough Said


Très bon baille



Like it

A grinder, but fun

Fun game

Fun game

So fan!

Amazing Game:)




Good game

Good game

5 stars !


Good Game!!!!

Good game

Its like marvel injustice but marvel is better

Fun Game

Still learning how things work but Im having a good time doing it.

Overheating issues

Your overheating issue with the game is ruining people’s phones. The game was awesome until multiple crashes due to overheating. EDIT 7/21. So your last update hasn’t fixed overheating. And most importantly I like how you folks at kabam list a bunch of supposed fixes to the app except for the biggest problem OVERHEATING. Way to go kabam treat your community like meaningless idiots again.


Don't do it. Most bugged game in the history of earth. Cavemen would have been able to develop and maintain this game. So much lag and bugs that cost you dearly. They don't care; buy a health potion and try again.

Love it

I absolutely love the game don’t get me wrong but I just wish it had the same fighting style as Transformers: Forged to Fight where you have more freedom to move around and rely more on timing

Big pile of doo-doo

V20.0.1, Can basically only do 1 fight, until game slows to a huge crawl, choppy browsing thru different screens or moving visual position around in quest map, whereby you have to restart the game after each and every important fight. And even then the fights are laggy. And don't try and say that v20.0.2 somehow miraculously fixes that, it's been going on for several major revisions now, and in fact getting worse and worse. Don't spend any real money on this game (of course, then they will just start adding commercials in middle of fights instead).


Game is a total scam, Kabam constantly moves the goalposts and changes champion attributes after players spend money and resources on them. This has been going on for years and they have zero vision going forward other than making champions with ridiculous attributes in order to fleece players only to change them later on. Can’t wait for the day when there are 17 star champions because that’s the only thing Kabam knows how to do in order to progress champions.

Bugs, not being helped

I absolutely love this game. This is by far my favorite mobile game and is a no brainer for any marvel fan. I don’t typically spend money in games, but I have in this game when the offers are good. I believe it’s worth it. However, I purchased 4 different daily card offers totaling up to 80 dollars, and now my unit store says “purchases unavailable”. I can no longer claim my daily card rewards I payed money for, and have reached out to support for help, or at least compensation/reimbursement and got absolutely no reply. The support has been useless. And I hate saying that about such an amazingly developed game. Long story short, game is amazing, bugs which literally take your money... not so much.

This game got boring quick....

all i have to say is this game got boring quickly

Kabam you stink I got a 3 star quake from a premium but then It was gone

Kabam you stink I got a 3 star quake from a premium but then It was gone


I have so much money on this game and I’ve only got 0 four stars and like 20 two stars. This has to upper there chances. I’m done spending money.

Alliance War bug

There is a bug that is hindering me from joining alliance war attack despite my defenders being placed. I have reached out to Kabam support, and they have been no help at all. Alliance wars are the most competitive aspect of the game (Kabam‘ swords), and not allowing me to join attack directly effects my alliance season point totals, which ultimately effects our season rewards. Kabam makes way too much money to not have proper customer service that can remedy issues as they arise. I am very disappointed, and were it not for letting down 29 other people in my alliance, I would have deleted the app entirely by now.

It’s a good game but it’s not worth the money

I got addicted to the game until I opened all my crystals.. for 30 premium crystals?? Not what I expected.. I’m just glad I didn’t spend any dime on this game thank goodness. I’m switching back to Marvel future fight.

It was good while it lasted

I like the game it’s fun but it really feels like the company doesn’t care when you grind for weeks or months to get a single five star and you get Howard the duck so you grind again and get a venom it just doesn’t have enough reward for the grind I’ve been playing for years with my father and it’s just not worth it

Honest Truth

As a player of the game since it has been out, everything has been taking a wrong turn for years. The game heavily, heavily, heavily favors pay to win. Everything added into the game now seems to be another ploy to cause an increasing need for potions and boosts, which cost units, which cost money. If you join the game now, there is no way to even close the gap between the highest rated players and yourself, unless you are quite literally a m/billionaire with seemingly endless expendable funds. There are many unaddressed bugs, which continue to go unaddressed. Many aren’t huge factors, but are quite annoying, especially when they occur for months on end. Kabam support cannot help, and will not give out any proper compensation for errors caused on the games end. This is the worst part of it all. Kabam seldom give out any form of compensation for their constant incompetence. Their support teams will copy/paste scripted responses if you attempt to contact them. Constantly changing huge aspects of the game, seemingly without warning. Tending to the big spenders, and not updating old aspects of the game to keep up with the ever growing demands. The only reason I continue to play this game is my love for marvel, and the alliance members that have become my family. The game itself is not too horrible, but a big ZERO out of any rating you please for the developer. The community calls them Kascam. Ask around the game... anyone will tell you.

Good game but greedy developers

Overall the game is fun and challenging but you have to make wise decisions and dont spend too much money.The developers are greedy but they fix the bugs and issues but the prices on in game purchases are crazy!They think I am going to pay like 10$ for two hundred units!Or 100$ for 3000 units! No way.they crystals that you get champions from have terrible drop rates but the idea of the game is fun and I enjoy it but if you want to be i a great alliance with good rewards you need to be fairly active as in dont be inactive for more than two days at max.Iplay the game alot and i still only have one 5 star champion! I have played longer than the YouTuber seatins second free to play account and he is way stronger than me! I dont get it is it the small fact that i dont progress as fast as some is because I dont feel like 100% completing the monthly event quest but it takes forever to do and i would go into a rage and destroy my Ipad because of how impatient i can be sometimes. But the game is fun but if you spend money you will find yourself spending more but I recommend this.

Came on kabam

I’m level 26 and I don’t receive any rewards at all I just had this happen today and I can only afford premium hero crystals and don get and y 3 or 4 stars I haven’t gotten any thing good in 4 months

waste of time

stupid automated battle system that gives you no chance to win at a point in the game

The contest

Do you like games that are designed for you to lose? This is the game for you! Do you like games where if you want to win you have to spend real cash? Look no further! Have you ever played a fighting game and thought, I wish I had to land 300-400 hits without making a single mistake just to win? Here it is!!! Contest of champions where no matter what, you will never finish the game or progress fast enough unless you spend your cash

Basically EA.

The only game to consistently have network issues.

Constant network server disconnects and bugs.

The game constantly experiences network server disconnects that will sometimes cause you to lose fights in the game. The developers don’t care to fix them, as they have been happening for years. Also, the developers lie about the reward drop rates that are stated within the game. I do not recommend this game.

Help button

I am really enjoying MCOC as of now. With all the bugs/lag/overheating issues that have been as of recent, I still find entertainment in this game. That being said, my alliance is very active and hit all milestones and grinds ton of arena. One major improvement that I suggest to your team is to implement a HELP ALL button. It gets exhausting having to click the help button 100+ times for over 400 helps especially when it starts lagging and only lets you clear one help per click. Please make a HELP ALL button!

not fair mcoc

its a really good game but you should let some new players like me who just began some gifts. because seriously i don’t think its fair to new people that it takes a long time to get good stuff.

Be Very Wary of Kabam

Update: The game is full of crashes and bugs. If it benefits the player base it is fixed immediately or you are punished for taking advantage of it (not me but others), if it benefits Kabaam or leads to more revenue, it is fixed at a snails pace. They have made it so you are almost guaranteed to take damage as they changed blocking and parrying abilities and cover it up as a “bug”. I also later learned I was banned because I did too well in arena. Absolutely did nothing wrong and never got any explanation. Terrible terrible company running what could be a fun game Although this game is fun and similar to street fighter and mortal combat with marvel heroes. The company that runs this game is extremely shady, has terrible customer service and will ban you even if you don’t do anything wrong. I would highly recommend never spending any money in this game, you don’t get anywhere special progressing fast and when you do, they will target your account. I got banned because I was paired in dungeons with cheaters and even though I reported the cheating I was banned for a week. The also have many scams in the game to drive you to spend money. Do not do it! Their customer service is basically automated email responses that never and I repeat, never, help you out. I left the game a while ago because of the company, but now want others to not make my same mistake.

I really enjoy it

You guys did a very good job.


Don’t waste your time with this app. KABAM continues to take back from gamers who have earned their champs and masteries over years of play. New champs quickly become obsolete and unusable. Alliance quest and alliance War maps are revamped to make gamers lose... spend money and forfeit health. The response is always “FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF THE GAME “ or ... submit a trouble ticket with no response from KABAM . Or some stiff arm trash response saying they’re sorry for the inconvenience. BEWARE AND STAY CLEAR OF THIS GAME APP !!! OR BE PREPARED TO SPEND $100s of dollars trying to keep up in a game rigged for greed.


Out of all the games I have ever played this one I have always gone back too. All games get old but this one does the least. Plus it’s not one you beat in the day.

Downhill slide and feeds top players

This game has taken a horrible turn for the worse starting with the 12.0 update. They nerfed some of the “god tier “ champs to make the game better for the future. Since then they release a champ or two a month that continually make older champs less and less useful. The game has had continual bugs that have overheated phones, impact gameplay and much more. With the bugs getting worse and worse they cut summoner appreciation month to a week and gave absolutely crap for it. The final straw that has me deleting this game is that they are now giving top level players that have taken a break from play a 5* cinematic crystal and an Odin, others received several hundred units. Why not give to the loyal players or just not give anything to anyone and let players naturally attrit. Kabam is a scam if you download the app do not spend money! I understand that they are a business but they take the money grab to a level that I have never seen before.

Poor Support

I previously really enjoyed this game however lately it’s been very buggy. Which happens with all Apps time to time. The problem is that it is obvious that their support is compensated for closing our support tickets and not actually resolving them. The compilation of issues with ignored resolutions is definitely pushing me to take my time and money else where. Don’t waste yours even downloading.


Shame on you Kabam! Sending units and crystals to the big spenders that haven’t been active to entice them back to spend more $! Not cool! This has been reported, so do not deny! Get back in the fight gifting? It explains the increased difficulty in some of the events! To complete them you want your “summoners” to spend!

Great game, just one little thing.

I thoroughly enjoy this game, but as odd as it seems, I would like the ability to start a fresh game. I quit playing for about a year, and came back to it. It proceeded to ask me if I wanted to continue or to start fresh, I said start fresh, and it didn’t work. It hasn’t ever asked again since then. I enjoy starting a fresh game from time to time, but unfortunately it won’t allow me to. Even after having uninstalled and reinstalled several times.

Marvel deserves better than kabam

Kabam is one of the worst companies in the world, they treat their customer base horribly while over charging for in game purchases. The game hasn’t ran smoothly since June. Terrible update after terrible update. No compensation for all the problems either. This game use to be awesome and addicting to play now it’s garbage and they’re obviously only after your wallet.

Don't get Kabamed

The game was great, it was. Playable Marvel characters are awesome. They have that in spades. It's a fun one on one "2D" fighting game. It was super cool. I've been playing for almost three years and then they did something to alienate the veteran players and best heroes. With a few key heroes, you could beat the hardest challenges. Now with a new update, you can't do squat. They defend the update, and sadly it will be their death because they don't listen to their fan base and screw over years of their hard work and money. I've invested some bucks in this game... and now... all of that is useless. It doesn't mean anything because they so fundamentally changed the math of the character attributes and fighting that it becomes disproportionately biased to be harder so that you, the beloved customer, will keep buying revives, and health potions, and items to help you complete quests. Sadly, nobody wants to play a game where they HAVE to pay to get by. Before, if you paid money for items it was helpful and justified with an immediate boost to your characters or attributes. But now, the attributes are so fundamentally different that you can't improve it. You can't make a sculpture out of manure and call it beautiful. It still stinks. That's what this update did. They turned a great game to manure and they try and beautify it by saying how it will help. Nope. Sorry. You just alienated your fan base. Its what we call, "getting Kabamed". You think everything is going great, you got great players, your winning in the game and then suddenly, you want to break your phone out of the ungodly rage that emanates from the depths of your soul out of how royally screwed you are now. Years of time, money wasted, hard playing down the drain, rage. All because they want you to play and lose so you can buy more items. Don't download this game. Vote with your wallet elsewhere. Kabam is nothing but a money grabbing, deceiving, over promising under delivering, piss poor update implementing, bug infested, unresponsive unthoughtful customer service company. Kabam is the game that keeps on giving... it gives you cancer. It seems in every important fight the game is stuck on the 'loading' screen. When you force close the game, to return to the fight in war or alliance quest you lose half of your health for something that's not your fault. Other than that, it's a fun game.

This game trash

This game be trash but I ate a apple so 5 stars my dude eek ekekkenekekjsj keke do u love me

Great graphics but terrible gameplay!

FYI - system will not allow a review if it is below a 4


It’s fun


I just really want to restart I’ve tried so many times but the game is so good but can I please get a reset ?


This game is litt 🔥🔥

The best iOS game!

I have been playing this game for 4 years and I still love it the combat in the game is amazing and the characters you can get are amazing and the graphics are amazing to

Very good, but SKILL LEVEL

This game was good at the start, but then many things happened. It kept putting me with all HARD fights. I was trying to get the next milestone and I lost. Hard. My champions were all 3-star around power 300 and I was put up against 3-stars with around 700 power. My suggestion is to average the team’s power, then find others around that so it’s fair. Or, if someone wanted a challenge, you could have three modes: Easy, all below your level, Regular, all at your level, and Challenging, All above your level. Maybe if you had a person with all 300s who chose challenging, you could match them with someone with 600s who chose easy. Still a fun game most of the time. Also, strike force is pretty good too! :)

Don’t waste your money

Don’t be stupid and spend money to get crystals, cause you’ll end up getting people you already have. The game itself is good, it’s just so frustrating cause you’ll get the same people over and over again. The developers just want money, don’t buy into it. They can make it better, but they don’t care. They don’t care about the customers or anything, just money Also the “increased chance at this special champion” crystals are a ripoff

Poorly design

Poorly design. Too much randomness, every aspect is based on random and chances, no logic or strategy. Also, the AI of the arena is so bad that the opponent just don’t fight.



Potential damage to iPhone

DO NOT DOWNLOAD ON IPHONE!!!! I’ve been patient, but nearly 3 weeks since the newest patch issues which cause extreme overheating for iOS users is quite enough. Once the issue is resolved, should there be any lasting damage to our phones, there will be a class action lawsuit. Update, 2 months later and I can play for 30 minutes at most before overheating and subsequent lag affect gameplay.

The best

This is a hand eye coordination thought provoking game. You don’t have to spend a dime to become a great player. It takes time and you’re at the mercy of the game makers (Kabam) selection of the champs you get, but almost every champ is fun to play and has their own redeeming qualities. It is the best game I’ve ever played on my phone.


I love playing this game I just wish you could play this game without using wi-fi

Fair and fun AMAZING 5*s

Best mobile game I’ve ever installed! Ton of characters, good move sets & plenty to keep you entertained. Non stop fighting.

No RED Button!

You need to crest a NO red button match. Hate playing losers that must use their red button twice to win. Ridiculous! Shows absolutely no skill.



I love this game

I love this game and i would like to see the fantastic four in the game and still its a good game i love it

I am addicted

Apart from Subway Surfers, Marvel: Contest of Champions is my favorite mobile game. If I don’t have time to watch a Marvel movie and is in the mood of Marvel, I can just play it on my tablet! And also,it’s mobile, so I can play it on the go!

It’s pay to win

Don’t download this game unless your willing to pay thousands of dollars or get an instant rage heart attack. At first it may seem simple and easy but the in game offers are just plain terrible and it gets harder every act and chapter. You have to waste time and effort to grind crystal shards and the chances of a four star are absolutely terrible might as well call it a guaranteed two star. I do love the game but deep inside I just don’t want to play the game at all but no it’s easier to just wait because really that’s all you can do or pay to win and waste your time grinding just to get a two star. Not worth time and money.

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