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Ok But Could Be Better

Enough Said


Très bon baille



Like it

A grinder, but fun

Fun game

Fun game

So fan!

Amazing Game:)




Good game

Good game

5 stars !


Good Game!!!!

Good game

Its like marvel injustice but marvel is better

Fun Game

Still learning how things work but Im having a good time doing it.

0 Stars for this Trash

ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE JUST TERRIBLE NOW! The lamest fighting game out there now. Block, parry and evade barely work now. The Ai(computer) has unfair advantages every fight now, they can activate their special attacks in the middle of your combos (which you can't do), signature abilities work for the ai all the time and rarely for you for example I wouldn't even know that Ultron & Widow have evade abilities because they haven't evaded for me ONE TIME in like 2 YEARS but every time I fight one of them they evade like 5 to 10 times per fight, it's just completely ridiculous how unfair they've rigged this game & that's just 1 example out of like 100 where this game is rigged to cheat you. Unless the MCOC community comes together again to boycott this game Kabam will never make changes. And don't even get me started about the "so called" Customer Support because it's the WORST customer support in the world! They don't help you with anything even if you have 100% photo proof (which I've had before & still got no help). They try to make you do they're job for them and then still do nothing! Just a terrible game now when at one period of time it used to be the best but now it's just garbage.


Its a game... They have to make money. I spend when I want and I don’t when I can’t. It’s life people. It's a lot of fun and I play with my friends and family.

Casino of Champions

This game is the worst at being pro player oriented and is instead a money consuming game .You must pay to win and with the recent update pay to play.The customer support is not interested in resolving issues for player benefit but rather they will Roll out updates to line their pockets with your money. They use bait and switch deals to get you to spend on champs then make those champs worthless with new updates. Update as of 11/20/2017 They have started selling items used to rank up your champs as well as the champions themselves as well in so called deal packages. A definite on my DO NOT DOWNLOAD list. Save your time and money .


#Thank for all

Trash City

Server goes out way too often. Recently just went out while I had defeated an alliance quest boss only to return and see him still up but my Champions health greatly affected, even less than I originally had when the fight was over. You could also spend $100 on units to buy crystals and not get a single featured champ. Edit: I’ve spent a lot of time building my roster only to find out that it’ll be obsolete when 6* come out soon. Are you serious? You announce 6* champs when people can’t even consistently get 5* champs? Or dupe a 4* champ? All the new content is aimed at the 1% of players that either spends thousands on this game or are considered elite like the youtubers. Forget the other 99% that also plays. What a joke.


Best game I've ever played... hands down

Great game

I love it!!!

Best game ever

This is the best game I’ve ever played

Used to be awesome

If you’re looking for a great way to spend boat loads of money for absolutely zero reward, then Contest of Champions is the game for you! Seriously, I’ve never seen a game where you can spend so much and receive absolutely zero content of value. If you’re looking for a fun game with legitimate opportunity to grow if you’re willing to invest, look elsewhere.

New characters

Needs to allow the crystals to give us new heroes.

Don’t Waste Your Money

I just about spent 100 dollars in game money to buy crystals and got nothing but 2 star. You never get a chance to get anybody and once you get about 2 weeks into playing it everything is so hard you might as well quit playing. It’s a wanna be injustice and that’s all it is because nothing about it is good.


Had my account hacked and they refused to restore it. 2.5 years for nothing.

I love it

I love it

The best game ever

Marvel contest of champions is the BEST!Thank you so much for this game!XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Hi lov your game

It’s a 5 star game

Mavel contest of chapions

I love it because it has a lot of action in the game

Best game ever!!!!!!

I love this game it’s entertaining and it’s marvel so what’s not to love! Me and my best friend play it every time we see each other and I can talk to him in the game as well. I also like how you can play online with others! Over all it’s my favorite game and it’s just fantastic!

To:marvel contest of champion

Best marvel fighting game ever the way you guys set it up is spectacular


The minute you start winning, they set you up with another character beyond your strength. They just want you to spend money. If you don’t plan to spend, don’t even waste time playing this game. You will surely lose(period). Glad my addiction is dead. Good luck.

Hardcore or Casual, great for both

This game is easy to start and fun to play. The character animations and designs are nicely done, and the interface very user-friendly. Gameplay can become a bit monotonous, but Kabam has started to add a bunch of new characters with new play-styles and interesting dynamics. If you're a hardcore player, there is a lot to do. With story quests, event quests, arenas, and alliances, there is always somewhere to advance. At higher levels, it can become a bit of a grind to advance further, which is why I recommend joining an alliance; it's much easier to get higher-level rewards when you work with a bunch of other players. Casual players, don't panic. It's relatively easy to get some three-star champions. Like I said before, the grind can become tedious after about level 30, but you don't necessarily have to jeep advancing. There will be plenty for you to do if you just want to stay at a comfortable level. There are arenas and event quests of varying difficulty and decent rewards that don't require hours of playtime per day.

Rigged to get you to spend money

Why is it that the crystals roulette system screw the player out of getting 4 star characters? 3 star characters are a little easier after a few years of the game being out. My game literally glitches as soon as it starts slowing down to land on a 4 star, but the glitch makes it speed up as soon as it originally going to stop. It's as if the system is saying "not this time haha." I've been playing this game for a few years now, and it's only gotten worse. I can't continue to play when the people behind the game are just going to not give a f*ck about the issues.

Batman dabd#90891 0

Play it now for free 1one of the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeest battling game ever.

Rip Off

Crappy low level hero's given. Dropped a good $50 or more and nothing good to show for it. Boring “button smashing” gameplay, so you look to good graphics and your favorite character to be happy. The game gives you the same duplicate characters. Everything is good at first, but the longer you play, they trap you and have to buy gems to keep gameplay going. Worth downloading and playing, just don’t spend money. You will be disappointed 1 Star for graphics

Ok game

Honestly the game is really fun but pvp is a mess right now. The matchmaking really bad, I once entered a 3 v 3 with 2 star characters and I was matched up against a player with 3 star characters with more than 700 hero rating above my characters. Kabam, you really need to fix the matchmaking in pvp.


I have been playing this game for over 3 years now. Ive been pretty satisfied until now , the game has been having many glitches like when you try to block. Or attack , the transitions are bad and i get hit . I hope we as faithful players of the game get some type of reward for putting up with this stuff .

King of Crooks

I’ve played this game nearly 2 full years majority of everyday. Game is fun only because I’m a Marvel fan since the 80’s. I’ve played games my whole life and understand every game is timing. You understand AI timing and every game becomes easy. And as marvel fans, we tend to spend money to get new characters or items required to level them up. When you play long enough you understand the company is more about the money than its customers. Fine! Marvel fans we pay up what we can to keep playing. Some more than other and some very little to none. At some points, they changed the game entirely because some characters made parts easy (less money for them). Some updates have made game worse with lags and glitches. I give them that, it happens with games time to time. Now the lags and glitches have been problems for way over a year but have weekly maintenance and updates every month with new content and characters. With either new glitches and old ones together and some patches for the new glitches but nothing for the old ones. Now with “ai timing”; block recovery, evades, parrying. At one point they did it on purpose because skilled players were good with it making it .x seconds longer than normal to be responsive. Yes, they fixed it a little. But it’s still there. Now it seems more on purpose as same character dash ins and specials there is a certain timing when to respond to ai movement. After 2 years, I know timing very well. Now there is a slow down, and quick movement al-together. Ai Characters dash in, you know to block, parry, or evade. The ai dash in timings are now a mix of fast then slow. So they dash into to you real quick and the punch/kick is real slow throwing of the timing. Never one seamless move as 2 years of playing would surely know. Sure, blame it on lag. (Roll eyes). Seems like a random trigger to do that and in middle of fight it’s does it goes off seamlessly in one speed. Now the timing is all off. “Working as intended” (roll eyes again). Ps: crooks

Awesome Game

Great game Marvel Street Fighter


It's okay. Fun, but repetitive.

App Not working

I spent way too much money on this game for me NOT to be able to play when I want to. For three days straight , every time I click on the app now, it tells me I "Cannot connect to the network. Please check your connection and try again". My payments are up to date and my connection via WiFi and phone service is ALWAYS great. What's going on! -Loyal player/ Loyal CUSTOMER

Not worth it

This game isn’t worth the time. Compared to marvels future fight this game lo me like children put it together. You’ll never get the champions you want at a high level without thousands of dollars. This game is a waste of space and they’ll never listen to the customers.

12.0 update terrible

You went completely the opposite way. If it isn't broken don't fix it. A multimillion dollar company shouldn’t be having these bug issues on the basic mechanics of the game. Nor should it take you months just to fix it, take some pride in your product.


Expand the amount of members we can have in our alliance. That’s all I ask. Like, 100 or even more.

0 Star

Kabam is greedy as can be. Don’t spend on this game.


Great Game👍🏼


Good game

Great game

A lot of fun

Awesome game!!

This game is really good! The graphics are great and the game doesn’t lag at all. I’ve played lots of games, and this is definitely one of my favorites.

Maintenance shutdown

My alliance was making a push to get SA rewards when the contest shutdown for maintenance with 30 minutes left. That is a horrible time to shutdown for maintenance and we should get some type of apology!

Button controls

The game crashes during time my I'm up loading the game updates. I have try contact Kabam company, however the web page put me in a lop processes and showcasing only games that they developed. And u can’t get even a decent charter even u pay so I wouldn’t recommend the game to anyone

Love it!

Love this game. Easy to farm for the ingame currency so you don’t have to spend money. Good interaction set up for alliance. It’s my go to game now!

Great graphics but needs update

My big issue so far there's not enough ways to get higher tier item. And teat recommendations not always accurate. For instance today level recommended 6000 team my 9000 couldn't beat hela boss due to health boost


Now this is my suggestion for the game. Please bring in summoner trading. Actual people trading with each other. Champions, boosts, etc... also creating your own character! I saw this in another review and thought it was great. Creating your own character from the characters you have. So a 4 star created champion would be 4,000 units base. Then, each attribute (like regeneration, armor up, bleed, immune to poison, etc...) is 10 units. And you can create him/her however you want in looks. Just something for the next update. Your doing great Kabam. Keep it up. Can't wait for next update!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tone the diffulty down or make it easier to level up.

You guys are making this game way to hard. Makes me wonder why I even came back to this game.

Fun with drawbacks

This game is very fun and addicting. I play it every day. The drawbacks are that unless you pay, Kabam makes it hard for you to do anything. Overall, I play the game, but don't spend your money!!!!

Too easy

If this game had multiple rounds it wouldn’t be a lot better it just goes to quick

To expensive of a game

You don’t get your money worth out this game. To hard to get the champion you want. You will spend a lot of money in this game then they change the way the game is played. After you spend your hard earned money my advice quit this game . You won’t get know where in this game without money. That’s what it’s designed for to make lots of money not for your enjoyment.


I love this game

Super fun

A ton of fun

Second only to injustice 2

Would’ve been the best fighting game if injustice 2 never existed

It's a pay to win

As most free to pay apps are, Marvel Contest of Champions, is a pay to win. The problem I personally have with MCoC, is the fact that paying money for an item in game, isn't a guarantee "pay to win". This game heavily relies on random chance to get its players to spend more, for a chance to get advertised content. Being a Free player doesn't yield much, as progression without pay, is incredibly slow, sometimes taking years to progress further. Don't play this game if you don't want to devote much time and money into it.

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