MARVEL Contest of Champions App Reviews

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Great game but could be better

I love the game and am addicted to it. However, I am really upset by the number of 2* players I keep getting in crystals and crystal bundles. Secondly, the quest energy recharges very slowly (1 point every 6 mins). The crystal issue really needs to be solved.

Loved Marvel, learned to hate Kabam even more.

What kabam did to the Marvel IP is like a pool filled with broken glass : Great view but painful. Zero Star would still be too much. The company is User Hostile, treats Its customer like thieves, dumb people or miscreants, no matter how much or little you spend on their game. They do walk back on every "good idea" they might have had "to make the game more fair and rewarding", as if it was an accident. There are no accidents with kabam : if it doesnt increase spending, they take it away. If players are baited into an enjoyable aspect of the game, they switch it back even if it did cost real world money, never mind Time to obtain/attain. If you do have an addictive personality and not enough money to sustain that addiction, simply stay away, youll spend it all and more so. Kabam Has No shame, no remorse, no ethics. Shame on Marvel for allowing Kabam to soil their IP Shame on Disney as it is now their purview to oversee what fits or not into the "Disney Spirit".

Bon jeu

Bon jeu, très attractif.






Macht richtig Laune !


Everything to make more and more money with the player - thats the wrong way and it will be ruin a great game :(

Bringt Spaß



I really enjoyed this game but in the last 5 months Kabam get greedy more and more only thinking in how get the players money in their pockets and making harder for players advance in game if you dont pay i am really angry and sad same time


Game went from ultra fun to ultra cash grab... Hope their ratings continue to drop and people continue to quit

If I could give zero I would

This game was fun. Then they turn around and f&@$ u. I hope ppl just starting this game will delete it. What a joke the prices they charge u and then take back the items you paid for. I hope Apple deletes this app

Greedy Kabam

Constant changes in game and recently banned a bunch of hardcore players(including myself) for bs reason!!! New players b careful!!! July 26th come a major update that will make a lot of players leave and a week after the update the banned players get our accounts back!!! We all spend some money on this game and kabam is wiping out everyone hard work to get there rosters to b competitive against kabam story quests!!


I would recommend this game if you happen to just be bored with nothing to do

Always crashing

Whenever I log on it crashes. This game is so pointless if all its going to do is crash. Its very frustrating and annoying so Im going to delete it.

Good only if you want to spend $1000s

Otherwise they dont care about you and dont want you playing their game

Great game

This is the first app game Ive played that Ive thoroughly enjoyed. The game is fair and doesnt beg for money. Gameplay is ridiculously fun. Multiplayer and character types are a bit confusing at first. Its worth a try.

Money grabbers

To win you need to spend. We are talking about thousands of $$$$


Solid gameplay, beautiful graphics and challenging enough to keep you coming back!

Money grab

I use to like this game, but not now with the future change.

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